We make buying residential investment properties simple and easy for everyone.

Want to grow a property portfolio?
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The Game
Build a property portfolio that will stand the test of time.


The Equity Game?

We make sourcing high performing investments simple and easy for everyone.
The founder of The Equity Game Pty Ltd is an experienced real estate analyst who has developed a step by step approach to investing in real estate. Whether you are investing for cash flow, capital growth, or a mixture of both we will show you how to find the right investment property.

Business Meeting

do we help?

We show you how the professional investors grow their portfolios. We work with you to develop an investment strategy alongside a financial strategy to unleash the full potential of real estate as an asset class. We will teach you how to:

  • Find the next double digit growth region.

  • How to source high yielding investments.

  • Implement floor plan design to maximise returns.

  • Protect your portfolio.

  • Diversify across Australia so you are less vulnerable to the movements of a single market.

  • Structure your finance so you have the flexibility to take advantage of price movements across multiple regions.